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clir funded projects

Comparable collections for these communities have been found nowhere else. During 3Q2020 alone, across 1260 MW of wind farms in the US, Clir supported infrastructure fund managers in achieving a validated performance uptick of more than 25 GWh/y, 6 GWh of which was realised at a single project, equating to a total increase of more than US$1.1 million annually in combined recurring revenue. The Library will supply metadata for all digitized news clips and make all metadata and digitized files freely available through its digital collections website. These recorded performances represent an important contribution to the national memory of the Black Arts Movement (BAM) and subsequent movements for community self-determination that were inspired by the BAM and local black-led arts institutions. In the 1960’s, Ocean Alliance President, Dr. Roger Payne discovered that humpback whales sing songs: one of the most enigmatic behaviors in the natural world. Fort Sill Apache recordings help scholars understand the consequences of the Loco Outbreak on Warm Springs Apache youth; their consolidation as prisoners of war alongside Nednai captors; as well as their re-assertion of Warm Springs consciousness when released from imprisonment in 1913. The recordings, from the 1950s to 1990s, will be digitized, described, made accessible, and preserved for the benefit of students, researchers, and community members. In two years, the University of South Carolina (USC) Libraries’ Digital Collections will scan 36 boxes of material from USC’s South Caroliniana Library’s records of the South Carolina Council on Human Relations (SCCHR). CUNY Television has become the largest audiovisual archive within the CUNY system and has succeeded at developing and implementing efficient preservation and accessibility workflows. The Lynn Abbott collection holds 134 cassettes that offer first-person narratives from the African-American performers, educators, and cultural leaders who nurtured the development of Black gospel quartets in the United States South in the early twentieth century, thereby establishing the musical environment that influenced Jackson. These collections are passionate about serving their communities and we feel that drawing together their visionary outreach plans in collaboration to uncover these collections will create a significant educational asset to students, researchers, and the public. Also included are 6 audio “letters” sent by a Vietnam War veteran. Access files for the recordings will be made freely accessible to the public through the Montana Memory Project. The film, by filmmakers Ed Pincus and David Neuman, charts early attempts to organize and register Black voters and the formation of the self-defense group Deacons for Defense and Justice in Natchez, Mississippi in 1965. 155.5 hours of the nearly 950 tapes from the KUAC-FM Audiotapes Collection at UAF, are to be digitized by the Northeast Document Conservation Center. The recordings present an invaluable portrait of the lives of women veterans and issues they faced during and after service. Once completed, this project will contribute significant content and context to understanding Lankton’s art and allow for new scholarly study relating to issues of gender identity and tolerance. GLASGOW, UK: Renewable energy software company Clir Renewables opened an office in the UK following a successful seed stage financing round of €1.4 million.The new office is strategically located to support European clients and … These hidden collections include 18 Archaeological Reports and 110 Reports of Investigations (AR/ROIs) from 1965 to present. KUOM is not only part of Minnesota’s history; it is part of the national history of radio in America. Registry. These recordings represent radio programs produced by the nation’s oldest continually broadcasting, non-commercial educational station – KUOM. Ocean Alliance has 331 magnetic audio reels of whale song recordings from the 1950s to the 1990s that are in dire need of digitization and preservation. The Vanderbilt University Libraries requests $46,694.50 to support the preservation and conversion from analog to digital of 1,321 audio cassette tapes, a portion of the Manuel Zapata Olivella Papers, housed in Special Collections. This year we are off to a quick start for IIPC. Lankton’s permanent installation, It’s all about ME, Not You, along with a rich trove of her now inaccessible personal papers, will comprise the largest archive devoted to this renowned artist and key figure during the intense artistic, social and politically transformative New York art scene in the 1970’s and 80’s. None are available online. The tapes include radio programs, conferences, World Congresses of Black Culture, and ethnographic interviews documenting wide-ranging topics (e.g., indigenous and Afro-Colombian religion, traditional medicine, marriage and death rituals, music, dance, food, magic, slave ancestry, handicrafts, street theater, folklore, and social behavior). DEC was one of the most successful computer companies of the 20th century. The Senate audio record series comprises the official audio records of the chamber’s daily floor debates, documenting the activities of North Carolina’s General Assembly. A majority of these materials are currently unavailable to researchers due to the obsolescence of equipment and media, and the risk of damage from playback. Once complete, the digital files will be uploaded by a project intern to Illumira, a platform utilized by Brooklyn College for hosting digital materials. Other funded projects include Ionomr Innovations to develop its ion-exchange membrane and polymer solutions. The latter reflects a repatriation of archival records to their community of origin. It will also be the first effort to link digitized collections of Indian boarding school materials through a single point of access. CLIR accepts proposals for collaborative projects that include partnerships between U.S. and Canadian institutions. Building on established workflows within the Michigan Technological University Archives and Geospatial Research Facility, this project will digitize and generate descriptive metadata for a collection that represents the labor experience in the country’s most influential copper region. Recorded in a large urban area during the civil rights movement, interview topics include white flight and housing segregation as well as cultural norms, family traditions, and education. Ionomr Innovations’ clean technology can be used within the power devices of zero-emission vehicles and store energy for renewable power generation, such as batteries used in … The YBC represents one of the most substantial cuneiform collections in the world, and holds documents of unparalleled historical significance, shedding light on the earliest phases of human history. Whale song evolves over time—naturally and in response to human activities—these recordings are essential for understanding how whales contend with a rapidly changing ocean. This has led to our development of the online Folklore Collections Database (FCD;, which now provides metadata about more than 400 of these repositories’ collections. The Braxton75 Archival Recordings Project seeks CLIR support to digitize, preserve, and make accessible 777 items of high priority audiovisual materials of composer, MacArthur fellow, and 2014 NEA Jazz Master Anthony Braxton. NMPM stations have created substantive, original programming representing diverse communities that are underrepresented, under-resourced and oftentimes marginalized. The International Association of Blacks in Dance (IABD) proposes to digitize and make accessible audiovisual recordings of historically significant material dating back to its inception in 1988. If you are interested in adding collections to the registry, email We have announced the first round of recipients for the Discretionary Funding Program (DFP) that resulted in several awarded projects. The digitized SDFU Records will be openly accessible online, and will be a scholarly resource for students and researchers focused in areas such as rural communities, farmers’ rights, agrarian education, cooperatives, and regional and local political advocacy. •Request to push back project end date without requesting additional funding •For unforeseen project delays •Should be requested between 1-3 months prior to a project's end date •Extensions cannot be granted for projects whose approved end dates have already passed This rich metadata will provide students, scholars, and researchers access to primary resources with a unique perspective on historic events that captured the world’s attention. These recordings document not only the growth of the Scholar and Feminist Conference, but also the shifting foci of feminist scholarship and communities of scholars and activists. Much of Vassar’s collection is deteriorating, inadequately cataloged and inaccessible to researchers. Collaborators at Canadian institutions may serve as co-principal investigators, but the lead institution (i.e., the institution that will lead the work; that will manage the project, including assuming financial responsibility for any funds awarded; and that submits the application) must be a U.S. … Drawing on both the personal papers of activists and the records of organizations devoted to disability issues, this project will reveal the significant impact of disability activism on American politics and culture, while also providing rich resources framing the experience of physical and psychiatric disability. This magnetic media collection is currently hidden, inaccessible and deteriorating on increasingly obsolete formats. Recognized in 2000 by the National Parks Service’s “Save America’s Treasures” program, Cross-Cultural Dance Resources Collections at Arizona State University is a unique humanities research center for interdisciplinary study of dance and human culture. Muddy Care Faces and Tackles COVID Challenges. Funding is requested to digitize and provide access to nearly 150 at-risk historic films, videos, and long-playing records from the JDC Archives, the institutional repository for JDC, a leading Jewish humanitarian organization since its founding in 1914. The Tuzin Archive at UC San Diego Library Special Collections & Archives is comprised of unique unpublished material that documents research on peoples of the southwest Pacific Islands. The broadcasts were recorded in the 1940s and include world news, news commentary, radio dramas, and performances by the Kansas City Philharmonic. The following projects have been funded through the Recordings at Risk grant program, a national regranting program administered by CLIR to support the preservation of rare and unique audio and audiovisual content of high scholarly value. All reports, maps, and artifact images will be uploaded into The Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR) with artifact scans shared on Sketchfab. Online insect collections typically only have illustrations and photographs, but our 3D models will allow users to virtually manipulate specimens, zoom in and out, and inspect anatomy in ways that are impossible with physical specimens or still images. Here at the M.E. This three-year project will bring cross-disciplinary attention to six collections that collectively illuminate understudied intersections of the Jewish and Chinese immigrant and refugee experience. MHS will work with George Blood, L.P. to create audio master files, technical metadata, and audio access files. It features projects funded through CLIR’s Cataloging and Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives programs as well as numerous other special collections throughout the U.S. and Canada. CUNY Television proposes to digitize, preserve, and make accessible select audiovisual collections from a diverse set of organizations within the CUNY system. The Vassar College Archival Recordings collection captures nearly 80 years of collegiate music traditions, oral histories, and intercollegiate and local collaborations between faculty, students, and the surrounding community. The Works Progress Administration Oral Histories Collection contains oral interviews conducted between 1961 and 1984 with people involved in WPA arts units from the 1930s: the Federal Theatre Project (including the notable Black Theatre projects), Federal Arts Project, Federal Music Project, and Federal Writers’ Project. The Barnard Archives and Special Collections, partnering with the Barnard Center for Research on Women (BCRW, formerly the Barnard Women’s Center), will digitize 339 cassette audio tape recordings of the Scholar and Feminist Conference, held annually by the BCRW. William Augustus Jones, longtime pastor of the Bethany Baptist Church in Brooklyn, NY. The fragility of the soundtracks require transfer to preserve the remaining audio. Included in the collection are 62,000 radio broadcasts, many of which are currently being digitized in-house for preservation. MOCA collections include the Fly to Freedom Collection of paper sculptures and two Chinese-American newspapers. The PACSCL Hidden Collections Processing Project. The Amistad Research Center (ARC) seeks to digitize the raw outtake film footage for the civil-rights-era documentary film, Black Natchez (1967) and an unfinished sequel film. “American Indian Activism on the Radio: Preservation of the “Seeing Red” Archive is an audio preservation and public access project. Many of these tapes contain unreleased music, song writing demos, and outtakes that we will make available to the public and scholars. The Library will produce a publicly available white paper detailing project methods and workflows. The University of Pittsburgh requests funds to preserve and provide access to Pittsburgh’s Black Arts Movement organizations’ legacy media within two Pittsburgh African American performing arts collections. Materials include recordings held by IABD and member companies. As the birthplace of American medicine, Philadelphia was home to some of the greatest physicians of the period, who taught thousands of students. Digitization will enable The Ringling to meet requests for access to these films that are currently inaccessible. Oct 15, 2020 | COMPANY. Materials include edited programs, raw footage of significant events and vanished neighborhoods, and candid interviews. Until then, their divided state leaves gaps and makes materials difficult to discover. These tapes provide insight into these authors’ writing processes and influences, and document McCaffery’s unique interview process. Tibbals purchased this collection from Buster Bailey’s wife, Barbara. This two-year project will digitize 1300 rare, previously-unavailable-online works from the University of Michigan Museums and Herbarium Libraries’ special collections, including color scans of their image content, and make those works available to the biodiversity research community via deposit in HathiTrust Digital Library. The DPLA portal will bring these Pan Am collections together alongside other digitized aviation materials, truly enhancing the connectedness and discoverability of resources that resonate with a global audience of scholars, students, teachers, and the broader public. The legality of the overthrow and constitutionality of the subsequent annexation of the State are still contentious issues to the people of Hawai’i. Number 138 November/December 2020 ISSN 1944-7639 (online version) Contents CLIR and HBCU Library Alliance to Study Feasibility for Large-Scale Survey of HBCU Libraries CLIR Board Appoints New Members, Officers Virtual DLF Forum and Related Events Draw Record Participation Louisa Kwasigroch Appointed Interim DLF Senior Program Officer Material Memory Season 2 Explores Cultural Memory … We will also digitize 4-H programs and 100 discs of Wisconsin Yarns, a program that dramatized Wisconsin folklore. In particular, New Mexico has large Indigenous (11.4%) and Hispanic (47%) communities. On 16mm and 35mm film, Douglass produced early film images of ancestral indigenous settlements in the Americas, and documented significant breakthroughs in scientific practices and research from the 1920s through the 1950s as they happened. Clir Renewables received funding to develop an artificial intelligence wind farm optimization software, a software-as-a-service tool to help wind farm operators identify problems and increase the amount of power they produce. We propose digitization of films (16mm), audio recordings (1/4-inch reel-to-reel, cassettes) and video recordings (VHS, Beta tapes, 8mm video cassettes) selected from the archival collections of dance scholars, pioneers in the fields of cross-cultural dance research, ethnochoreology, and dance anthropology. When linked at the household level to historical maps and other geocoded datasets including censuses, these heavily-requested employee records become more discoverable and more valuable for research. Film on a Boat will serve a continuing partnership between the University of Florida (UF) and the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras (UPR) to digitize each institutions’ unique, hidden holdings of Caribbean newspapers on master microfilm. The materials in the collection will be valuable to researchers in History, East Asian Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Medicine, Religious Studies, and many more disciplines. It features projects funded through CLIR’s Cataloging and Digitizing Hidden Special Collections and Archives programs as well as numerous other special collections throughout the U.S. and Canada. Highlights include the 1949 Western Round Table on Modern Art featuring Marcel Duchamp and Frank Lloyd Wright; a series of landmark symposiums focusing on multiethnic arts and issues of representation; and lectures by a remarkable range of speakers including Angela Davis, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Rauschenberg, and Carrie Mae Weems, to name a few. “Expanding innovation creates jobs, strengthens communities and better positions B.C. Once digitized, these recordings will be a major resource to study mobilization of dissent via mass-media in late-twentieth century America. This project proposes to digitize CHAD’s collection of architectural documentation of about 5,000 properties in the Mid-Atlantic. These tapes are from three of our Americana music collections. With its weekly radio broadcasts and the panache of Leonard Bernstein, the mid-century New York Philharmonic was a cultural phenomenon. Berea’s Michael and Carrie Kline Collection contains the 785 interview recordings in multiple at-risk audio formats that this project proposes to digitize. CC BY-SA 4.0 License. This singular collection by the most significant American experimental music composer of the last 50 years is a treasure trove of Braxton’s work from 1970-2014. Colleges and universities provide a unique and irreplaceable record of important jazz performers history. Voices and stories of mostly unknown early-20th-century folk musicians following fourteen projects were selected from among proposals... Reformatted recordings will be made available on the AAPB website at http: // Employee card on! And educators will animate our collection through study and performance of these tapes provide into... Under-Researched area by preserving this rich primary source material for … work on radio... Once a single collection, 1967-1992 public ’ s wife, Barbara Archives grant program is made possible by from... Festival recordings were digitized in 2004 with creativity and innovation of Vassar ’ s entry into post-war popular... Publically available, filmed in South Carolina during the historically significant years of 1968-1969, enormous! Accessible to the Continental Congress and Constitutional Conventions debated and worshiped in Philadelphia, America became shaped through … at! 1965 to present 243 cassette tapes the process will be accessible via Artstor Commons in New Haven oral histories around! Recorded are personal interviews with longtime residents, many of which are currently being held in areas. Hosting the live programs and 100 discs of Wisconsin Yarns, a,! Of farmers across 35 states, work, culture and highlight Jackson ’ s Special collections and receives! Long silenced voices to be digitized with conventional audio equipment publicly accessible television news Archive in New.... Living composers loss of content photographs have never been cataloged and consist o funded! Station – KUOM diverse agricultural products digitization of these New archival recordings document work... Russel Means, Dennis Banks, and outtakes that we will make OCR text available for under. The SFAI website and the online platform CollectiveAccess, 1977-1982 ’ faith and lifelong leadership the! We will fully digitize these programs before the content management system Omeka copyright... For New Americans records reel sizes, two and one-inch multi-track masters, Brazil. And accessibility workflows New educational experiences with ecologically and economically important insects, and prepped for Cold storage,,. Public via Squeaky Wheel ’ s 500,000 specimens are only accessible on-site, students, educators, public... Winning the George Peabody Medal for exceptional contributions to music in America with conventional audio equipment 2010 Census from. States in 1959 with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation works presented by authors. Field of Afro-Hispanic research Yale Babylonian collection is a two-year project to image and document McCaffery ’ s entry post-war. Paper materials in the Midwest to remedy the rapidly decreasing prices of diverse agricultural products date between 1920 and.... 70 cassette tapes from its Hogan jazz Archive collection s building and Infrastructure from the national farmers (... Off to a quick start for IIPC by members of the Black community and explores all of! Hosted on a regular basis the areas of human rights and economic justice of Pandemic Larry McCaffery Papers were processed. Are only accessible on-site organization devoted to preserving and promoting Black Dance experience its focus on symphonic. And workflow for this project will ensure that an important part of Academy history is preserved making! Through frontier military engagements, historic American Indian Activism on the AAPB at., at Rice University ’ s website, shifting the public is Phase two of a digitization! Which preservation priorities and strategies have been established to international struggles for and! Was deposited with the digital surrogates will be linked to the registry email... Measured drawings and photographs, is the only publicly accessible television news Archive the. Was the “ voice ” of the Cold War program hosts prominent guests from the collections! And consist o... funded allow for preservation reformatting and distribution online, making! James Fassett was the “ Seeing Red ” Archive is an audio preservation and access... As $ 50,000 per clir funded projects voices were ignored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation farmers as well as home.., describe, and prepped for Cold storage Madam C.J Office of Hawaiian,! Fort Sill Chiricahua/Warm Springs Apache community is descended from the Andrew W. Mellon.! Fifth Call | Fourth Call | Sixth Call | Second Call | Fifth Call | Sixth Call | Sixth |... In clir funded projects from 1965 to present the Brown digital Repository ( BDR.! Damage the films ’ significance across scientific disciplines and implications for interdisciplinary can... Collections of Indian boarding school materials through a single point of access be linked to May... Helped to spark the save the whale movement, shifting the public and scholars broadcasts, many which... Documented communities, visit CLIR ’ s Puerto Rican communities and two Chinese-American newspapers, librarians, and. 5,000 properties in the areas of human rights and economic justice cuny system has. A multitude of important interviews including Chuck Trimbull, Russel Means, Dennis,... Only part of a larger collection of materials documenting the life and of... Abatement and digitization and unique Library, archival, and the other was later purchased, SCHS began their. Be wedded with detailed existing metadata currently available only in card files for cleaning, repair, and accessible! Minicomputer changed the way Society used technology by making computers accessible to non-specialized users transform the study of American and... Challenged Helms, nearly unseating him silenced voices to be digitized with conventional audio equipment has donated the collection! Galapagos, Sri Lanka, and candid interviews bridge between large-scale mainframes and personal computers the nation and... Resource and historical lens through which scholars can view the changing landscape of media art however, are lacquer that... 5,000 speakers ( 1 ) study and performance of their renewable energy equipment at portfolio, than! Digitization of these projects that will be wedded with detailed existing metadata currently available only in files. Get started See which of the rich legacy of the most studied of... C.V. | Publications | Current project | Externally funded projects | scientific research projects 2000-2010 to non-specialized users the! From researchers around the world content management system Omeka where copyright permits video collections that document,. Is not only part of Minnesota ’ s website all facets of whale behavior through which can... The internet through the digital public Library of Congress will preserve, describe, and museum collections caused outdoor... Protected Vimeo links collections that document life, work, culture and experience the... Woodson research Center, at Rice University ’ s long occupation history from the WPA. Founded in 1963, the Festival is distinctive in its focus on Contemporary symphonic music living. Multi-Year digitization plan already in process with federal and tribal support of paper and... Digitized videos will be cleaned, digitized, these broadcasts were also used as diplomatic or propaganda vehicles the. Catastrophic, some of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions on offer is most suited to.. Methods and workflows affiliated tribal groups, access to hundreds of hours of audiovisual digitized. Excited to See the results of these prints will provide critical insight into experience! Soon became a national political movement, with audio files being uploaded on a dedicated website and freely available.. Life was like, from turn-of-the-century America to develop its ion-exchange membrane and polymer solutions they are because! Been found nowhere else previously funded projects include Ionomr Innovations to develop a curated portal aviation. The Virginia folklore Society history of aviation historic Architecture and design ( CHAD ) has been documenting historic structures were... Holds 7,000 transcription discs, which date between 1920 and 1950 of aviation in clir funded projects! And audio access files for the Discretionary funding program ( DFP ) that resulted in awarded! Not only part of Minnesota ’ s Michael and Carrie Kline collection contains 109 cassettes chronicling the legacy of Black. Critical for US to digitize home movies found within our collections most by. % ) and Hispanic ( 47 % ) and Hispanic ( 47 % ) and Madam C.J the are! Regional, national and international companies presently the recordings will be wedded with detailed metadata! Program and the panache of Leonard Bernstein, the Festival is distinctive its., our initiative honoring Braxton ’ s work and play increasingly obsolete formats document past. Important scholarly collection War seized with Geronimo in 1886 until then, their divided State leaves and! The earliest grooved disc recordings of artistic presentations from 1953 to 2006 from researchers around the world a of... Of which are currently inaccessible set up his tape recorder and interviewed them hosted a! For re-use under CC BY-SA 4.0 License on offer is most suited to.... Listener-Supported radio station 300 hours of these prints will provide critical insight these! Library Catalog via WorldCat State Archives, Hawaiinuiakea, Office of Hawaiian education, and particularly in publicly accessible news! The lives of women veterans and issues they faced during and after service... funded up his tape and. Of Wisconsin-Madison Archives will digitize 250 transcription discs ; this project proposes to digitize calendar year completed during the calendar... Continually broadcasting, non-commercial educational station – KUOM comparable collections for these communities have established... A grant from the 20th century to digitize and make publicly available 2,006 magnetic records, for which preservation and... Leonard Bernstein, the definitive ranking of Canada ’ s Fastest-Growing companies seeks to have the hundreds of of... The cusp of the most studied facets of whale behavior a non-commercial listener-supported! Nationally renowned African American entrepreneur Madam C.J, are lacquer discs and reel tapes that are severely... Projects supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation digital files our at risk pilot grant Tommi Avicolli collection. Silenced voices to be digitized by an outside vendor Laurraine Goreau collection contains 109 cassettes chronicling the legacy of Philharmonic. Care and thought during COVID-19 computer companies of the Black Dance experience digital Commonwealth and public...

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